Due to its favourable geostrategic position, the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County represents a traffic intersection that connects the Central and Southeastern Europe, as well as a part of the Western European countries, with the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the seven Adriatic counties in the Republic of Croatia.

The county’s excellent geostrategic position stands out as a particularly important point between the Far East and Europe as it makes the maritime route the shortest route – up to 7 days compared to northern European ports, depending on the port of departure. The Port of Rijeka is the largest and most significant Croatian seaport and represents the front door of Europe from and to the Far East.

Its exceptionally favourable geostrategic position and natural diversity, the blend of blue and green, i.e. the mountains and sea, urban and rural, modern and traditional distinguish the county from other counties on the Adriatic and give it a competitive advantage. The Primorje-Gorski Kotar County can very quickly be reached by sea, land and air.

An extremely favourable climate for tourism development began attracting tourists to the County more than 160 years ago, with which the region became a renowned centre of health tourism. The County is also exceptionally attractive due to its rich natural, cultural and historical heritage, as well as its culinary offer.


Maritime transport

  • Port of Rijeka – a port which holds special economic interest to the Republic of Croatia, sea depth 18m. It encompasses the Rijeka, Sušak, Bakar, Omišalj i Raša basins
  • 89 ports open to public traffic (Port of Rijeka, 27 ports open to public traffic at the county level and 61 local ports)
  • 4 ferry lines as the continuation of state roads

Railroad infrastructure

  • 159,94 km of railroad in the County
  • Disection of the international traffic railway Zagreb – Karlovac – Rijeka – Šapjane – Ilirska Bistrica (Republic of Slovenia) - partially overlapping with the Mediterranean corridor

Road infrastructure

  • Rijeka – Zagreb – Eastern/Central Europe
  • Rijeka – Trieste – Western/North Europe
  • Rijeka – Ljubljana – North Europe
  • Distance by road from European centres is about 500 km

Air Traffic

  • Rijeka Airport – most significant international airport in the County
  • Airports: Mali Lošinj, Unije, Grobnik and Rab
  • Vicinity of European international airports at 1 hour by air